LLuvia & Steven :: This is my most viewed film of all time.

So, here we are a couple of years after this amazing wedding that I keep close to the heart. You may ask why am I writing a blog post about a wedding that was almost 4 years ago? Well the thing is, this is by far my most viewed wedding ever. Almost 80,000 views on Vimeo & YouTube.

When LLuvia & Steven asked me to shoot their wedding I was just 2 years into making wedding films. The fact that they trusted me with only a couple of weddings in my portfolio is amazing. I never knew that wedding would change my life and business forever. That wedding was a transition point for me, getting to know my style, figuring out how to tell weddings stories differently. If you see the film you can get a hold of were was I going compared to the ones I filmed today.

Photo by Kape Photography

Photo by Kape Photography


This was I think the first wedding I did with speeches and personal vows. I remember being all happy about the great material they both gave me that day. The very next day I sat on my computer and began editing it right away. I remember being so proud of the result; I thought I made my best film ever! Of course I watch it today and I know I messed up on a couple of things but it is still one of my favorites.

I never would have imagined (and they didn´t told me) that both of them were pretty much rockstars of the Christian music scene. They both sing on a band called Un Corazon. I still have to this day the CD that was given as a souvenir at the wedding. Every single week for the past 4 years I have been receiving views, comments and questions about the film. It was this wedding that changed a 25-year-old videographer with 13-15 weddings a year to the 45 weddings a year we do today and I can´t thank them enough for that.

So wherever you are Lluvia and Steven know you will always have a very special place in my heart.