Monica & Mike :: I learned a valuable lesson.

When Monica and Mike asked me to shoot their wedding I felt honored and at the same time kinda nervous. Why nervous you may ask? Well… to begin with he is an awesome wedding photographer, I have worked with him a couple of times in the past and he basically knows all my tricks. I knew, I would have to go great lengths to impress him with what I would be able to do. Not only that but it is always hard (in my case) to shoot a fellow creative because I get anxious while shooting and editing questioning everything.

*Is he/she judging my angle on this shot?

*Would he/she like the approach I’m taking?

*What if my final work isn´t what was expected of me?

*What if …what if… what if…

These questions made me rethink my angle, rethink my story, and rethink EVERYTHING. The worst part is that this pressure hit me hard every morning when I wanted to do some editing. I just couldn’t. I re edited the whole movie about 5-6 times. Even then I always thought I was missing something. One day, I called Mike and asked him if he could share some videos from his honeymoon, his wedding proposal and just things that would let me play with the story. He did.

This is what anxiety looks like for an editor.

This is what anxiety looks like for an editor.

It was until I let go of my anxiety, of my fears that I was able to make a film I was happy with. Because I understood that since I began editing everything on my timeline, I was doing a film for Monica and Mike to what I believe would make them happy instead of me. So again, I threw everything to the trash, rename my project previously named “Mike & Monica Final Version 2.0” to “Mike & Monica Ultimate Version” and begin editing. Two days later, lots of espressos and many projects after I had something I was proud and happy about, and THANK GOD Mike and Monica as well!

How do I know? They even gave me a special kind of coffee they brought me from Bali. Now if you know me, I am a coffee enthusiast. This kind of coffee is rare and super expensive because … well you can read more about this coffee here:

So I got to thank them for all their support, they patience with me and for inviting me to their wedding and trusting my vision. Thank you Monica & Mike!