Ia & Phin Wedding :: Lets get soaked!

Wow! What an amazing wedding. I would like to start by saying thanks to Ia and Phin. Not only for giving me the opportunity to film their wedding, but also because of how things happened. If you haven´t been to Grand Palladium Riviera Resort let me tell you this is no easy resort to walk. It´s enormous and everything is pretty far if you are planning to move around walking. So getting all wet and going quickly to your room to change is no easy task. Anyway, so ceremony time came and we travelled to the farthest part of the hotel where usually ceremonies are held.

Photo by Karla Posadas || Kape Photography

Photo by Karla Posadas || Kape Photography

 Weather began changing pretty quickly after the first look. It was hot, like pretty hot and suddenly the whole sky began going dark. By the time the ceremony began, it was drizzling. Maybe you don’t know but if you are having a destination wedding on the beach and it rains you risk loosing the whole arrangement, flowers, dj and possibly money. You have to decide if you will be having the ceremony and party by the beach first thing in the morning depending on how you see the weather. There was no decision to make here, since it was pretty sunny the whole time. Ceremony went fine, just a little drizzle, nothing people, the officiant, the sound guy and bride and groom couldn’t handle. But then something magical happen, they pronounce them husband and wife and as if we were in a real life movie written by Nicholas Sparks the biggest storm arrived just when they kiss.

 Chaos! Everybody began running for shelter, I remember I told my two assistants to run and protect the equipment. I grabbed the rain cover from my backpack and use it to protect my camera. When everything went south Ia instead of running, she put on her star sunglasses and began dancing in the rain while walking down the aisle. You can even see Phineas looking back to the groomsmen like saying “Hey guys! Lets own this moment” that’s when I knew his vows were real. He talked about ownership and moments and there he was, grabbing his wife’s hand and dancing in the rain. Everybody followed! At this point I was so worried my camera was getting soaked, but I had to continue because they kept dancing. Since they were all wet now they decided to take it one step further and just run down to the beach. Playing in the rain between the waves. Groomsmen even played as if they were on a Rambo movie.

 As soon as it stopped raining, I went back to dry my camera and check my other equipment. Bride and groom as if nothing ever happened jumped back to the cart, went to get changed and came back to the restaurant to have dinner. I have never in my 5-year career watched a couple so happy and that happiness was spread to everyone at the wedding including us. I’m so lucky I met them.


 PS. My equipment was fine, we kept rolling but the next wedding, in the middle of the Caribbean, my camera began dying on me. That’s why I always travel with a spare one. I let my trusty Canon C100 MK II about an hour in the sun and it came back to life. Yeeeei.