We just want to take a brief moment to say…

For letting us be there with you, for opening yourselves to us, for being patient and comprehensive, for trusting my team, for letting us be free and enjoy creating something different, something special for you two. OBVIOUSLY for spending all those big bucks on our craft, we know you had many, many, many other things to spend on for that day but let me tell you something my friends, you made a good investment.

One day, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a year or ten. You will see this film and remember all those feelings, all the excitement, and all the right reasons that made you say I DO. Take a breath, pour some wine, share some food and take the time to share your love with your family and friends. Lots of people look up to you guys, and its your job to keep inspiring us all with your love. 

We had a blast spending the day with you guys, I can´t wait for you to see this film and let me know your thoughts. You can always do it by entering:

I hope to see you again some day… Maybe you will have some kids by then… maybe it will be on a friends wedding or maybe, I´ll be old and fatter and you won’t be able to recognize me. But I´m sure as hell that I will be excited to see you again.

Peace, Love & Happiness.